The visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is but a small slice of reality. But with the human eye’s ability to see a dynamic range of around +21 EV, visible light provides us a source of never-ending joy and wonderment (if you’ve ever seen the Northern or Southern Lights, you will know what I mean). Advances in technology, especially with digital cameras, have extended the range of what is possible to be captured – especially in the infrared range.

Using a DSLR converted to IR photography, I worked with the Institute for Fashion Media on a lingerie shoot at the beach. Because different colors of fabric react to infrared light in ways our eyes cannot perceive, some interesting and unexpected results were achieved. For example, in the third photo, the bra is navy blue. And in the photos where our model is wearing glasses, you might be surprised to learn that they were in fact dark sunglasses. Another benefit from IR photography: skin tones are significantly smoothed, reducing the need for post-processing.

*with a nod to Michael Winterbottom, director of the film 9 Songs, the inspiration for this series.

Photographer: Erik V. Svensson
Model and makeup: Brittnie S. (The Babeliest)
Wardrobe styling: Allen Moore
Apparel: L’BellaGiovanna

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