This is the 8th entry of my “Fragments” project.

After 6 years being a photographer i started to feel the urgency to add more depth to my pictures. We are slaves to social media: people stops to 1 single picture to judge the whole concept, missing it completely very often. So i started writing small stories, joining them with the pictures in order to give the reader a wider experience while in front of a single image

Title: My House i Your Home.

“I will never get tired of repeating this: life is strange.
Sometimes it seems that it’s messing with us, complicating simple things and popping troubles every day.
Meh, if we only could catch a break it would be great.

I remember when she entered my house for the first time.
Everything was cleaned, sparkling for the occasion. She took her time, approaching the house step by step.

I’m not the kind of guy who make those weird “360° house tour”, i prefer my guests to be confortable and have just a curious look around. No secrets hidden, no bodies in the closet. WYSIWYG style.

I was finishing working on the laptop, looking at her beyond the screen.
Man, she got the ability to distract me in the simpliest way.

I stood in silence, pretending to work, while i was looking at her.
Her way to move her body in my house was something hypnotical: she entered as a stranger but it was like if she was there from day one, like she has always been part of my life.

I will not forget that Fall. It rained almost every single day.
And i will not forget the way she entered my house as a stranger and ended up leaving it as a lover.

Without me realized, my house slowly became her home.”

photo – Gio Confalone
instagram @gioconfaloneph

model Simona

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