This editorial explores the body of a size 10, 28 year old female model as it is. Raw and unretouched. It was our objective with this shoot to use very simple styling and hair/makeup that would outline the features of my body instead of trying to hide or flatter them to make them fitting with current body image ideals.

 As the fashion industry expands it’s reach via social media and other news outlets, in turn it’s reaching a much more diverse crowd than it ever has, many of these viewers not being of the industry itself are creating a demand for a more relatable, raw image as well as an understanding of how the creative team comes to the final image.

 I think it’s important to respond to these requests honestly and expose the fashion industry in a positive light instead of continuing to find fault with it. Many factors go into creating an image aside from styling, makeup and photoshop. The angle, lens and light a photographer uses are all ways of diminishing the appearance of realities of many women’s lives like cellulite, stretch marks and skin discolouration (I have them all!).

 The fashion industry has the platform to empower women regardless of what their body type may be. Yes, society has defined beauty by very strict standards for many years but it is my hope that we have come to a place in our evolution where we can embrace beauty for what it is, personal, indefinable and without standards. If we continue to move forward with these ideals the future of fashion has the potential to be a major tool in bringing society together in a more accepting, positive light and empowering this next generation to define beauty on their own terms free from the pressure of societies current trends.

The team credits are as follows:
Photographer: Billie Chiasson
Model: Jessica Lewis with Plutino and Wilhelmina models
Hair & Makeup: Jackie Shawn with Judy Inc
Styling: Joan Balda

Clothing Credits:
Image 1: Belt-BCBG
Image 2 & 8: Bathing Belle Swimsuit
Image 3 & 4: Stylist Own
Image 5: Tights: SILK
Image 6: Dress-Top Shop
Image 7: Sheer Poncho-Club Monaco

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