Last year as I was shopping in a department store I spotted this tall, blonde, thin girl. I had to know who she was. The problem is she was working and had a costumer, so for a guy that could be kinda weird, “hey you can I take pictures of you and post them on the Internet?” “uhh! SECURITY!! STRANGER DANGER!!” (It’s not really like that)
Ten minuets go by and I’m bored of shopping so I go back and just as she was leaving. I said hi and tell her I’m a photographer blah blah blah and gave her one of my business cards and left.
I told myself, If I don’t hear back from her in two weeks i’ll go back. However, the shirt I got was too small so I ended up going back to the store a week later and on the way out I saw her again. I went over there and said, “oh look! Here is another card” and handed her another business card. ???? We talked for a few and to convince her I wasn’t some creepy guy I took out my iPhone and showed her my portfolio. Over the next few months I showed her some ideas she and I have been working on projects since.

Photographer: Donte Tidwell

Juliana Null

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