What’s life without love? If you’ve never loved, you never lived. If you never suffered, never loved, my heart can’t speak to you.

A life without love, pain and passion is like a world without light and shade.

Without light and shade there are no colours. You can’t see beauty without light and shade.
Those who suffered, we have a language we can speak, through our hearts.

I’m a rose in the forest. A rose full of thorns. Thorns with a rose. I’m stabbed by my own thorns.
I bleed everyday. I cry in pain everyday. I loose my petals every single morning when a drop of dew falls on my rose.
Would you take me as I am? Would you love my ingrown thorns too? Would you love my falling petals?

I’m a forest nymph. A nymph of fire and rain. Trees and rivers and creeks. The forest is beautiful like a heaven, with sounds of birds, breeze, flowers and sun light.
But the forest is also scary. Dark, dangerous and cruel. There are murders;loud and silent.
Both during day time and the dark hours.
There are fairies and nymphs in the forest. There are ghosts and beasts in the forest.
The forest is a scary place. The forest is my home. It’s the most heavenly, peaceful and breathtaking place on earth.
I’m an angel and I’m a beast. I’m beautiful. And I’m wounded.
Some see me as a goddess. Some see me as a ghost.
I’m a muse to some. I’m a dirt to some.
I’m adored. I’m loved. And I’m hated.
I’m a nymph in love. A forever young nymphette.
Love is sacred. Love is scary.
Love hurts. Love heals.
Love kills. Love lives.
Love breathes. Love destroys.

By Rosamina Bold

Model : Rosamina Bold @rosafairy (IG)
Photograpgher : Dion Kyriakou @ErosReflection

Shot in Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia mid winter



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