This series was a screen test for young Miss Oliver; we had never worked together before. My stylist, Heather, and I found her to be an ideal model for a variety of photographic styles and modes. Here, we used a number of different lighting designs, wardrobe styles, and post-processing techniques to discover how her talents may best be leveraged.

We started with a series of head shots; if you will notice the catchlights in her eyes, you will see the standard “clamshell” lighting setup.

From there, we progressed into topless, partial nude and finally full nude styles using multiple wardrobe and styling techniques. We kept the lighting simple: one large soft box plus a reflector for fill. The set design was simple as well, relying mostly on geometric shapes so as not to distract from our model as the central focus.

Even though Oliver is a petite woman (5’3″, 110 pounds – 162 cm, 50 kilos), she possesses a well-proportioned figure, making her ideal for commercial modeling.

Needless to say, we were so impressed with Oliver’s ability to transform herself into a variety of characters, we engaged her for several follow-up sessions.

Model: Oliver Ellen
Makeup & Styling: Heather Marie

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