In the world of fashion nude styling, there are few rules; if you happen to run across any, rest assured that they are meant to be broken.

Brittnie is relatively new to modeling. Few have embraced the fashion nude genre more quickly or with more enthusiasm as she has. For her screen test with our studio, my stylist Heather led off with a crepe top meant to be worn with pants. With Brittnie’s natural height of 5’ 11” (180 cm) it became a very short dress that draped her figure with very sensual results.

For the next look, we changed to an open knit shawl that Brittnie was able to move around within; the design of the garment allowed her body to keep its natural shape as she moved. The open weave provided a tantalizing glimpse of her beautiful figure as well as allowing her to completely conceal her body if she wanted to.

Whenever we do a fashion session, we like to employ what I like to call the Forrest Gump Principle: “life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.” In each session, we do something different to illustrate the principle. Here, we combined a sheer chiffon blouse and combat boots, and accessorized the outfit with a sledgehammer. The effect matched the personality of our model perfectly.

For a final touch, Heather (who is also an accomplished body painter) wanted to try an abbreviated design as a trial run prior to working up a full body image. The design worked very much as a fabric top would, moving precisely with Brittnie’s body as she moved from pose to pose.

Production team:
Allen Moore – principal photographer
Model – Brittnie Stull
Vrusahli Lele – studio assistant and second photographer
Heather Filipski – hair, makeup and wardrobe styling

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