Innocent Games By Giulio Irving

Innocent games played in a sensual way Model: Valeria Manni Photographer: Giulio Irving

Winter Tales By Giulio Irving

A winter tale of beauty and seduction Model: Alessandra Giulia Photographer: Giulio Irving

On The Rooftop By Giulio Irving

She walks on the rooftop, facing the breeze and the sea. To be free. Model: Sara Gimmi Photographer: Giulio Irving

Playing With Shadows And Lights By Giulio Irving

A beautiful model and a playful set between shadows and lights Photographer: Giulio Irving Model: Alessia Marseglia

Almond Blossom By Giulio Irving

A painted story of beauty Photographer: Giulio Irving Model: Michelle Graziani Make-up and art: Ludovica S...

Painting Ele By Giulio Irving

If Van Gogh could choose, he would choose Ele as his canvas. Model: Ele Tramp Art by: Ludovica Sechi Photograp...

Newtonize By Giulio Irving

A tribute to the atmosphere of Helmut Newton. A beautiful, statuary model, and a studio. Model: Martina Tosi Photographer: Giulio Irving h...

The Mirror By Giulio Irving

Looking into the mirror, knowing full well there is someone else in the room, pretending to be alone, admiring herself. Model Cala Fia Pho...

Kimono By Giulio Irving

The only thing that protects her is a kimono. And nothing else. Model: Sara Gimmi Photographer: Giulio Irving Location: Mediawe...

The Kitchen By Giulio Irving

Just when you think it's over, she asks for a cigarette. She smokes intently, gazing forward. She might want to go back, or go away. You will know in a moment. Hold your breath. Photographer: Giulio ...

City Escape By Giulio Irving

To feel free in a big city, to seduce, to wander around with no boundaries, to live life to its extent, to breathe the sweet smell of freedom. Photographer: Giulio Irving