The Matriarch is a short film done for the summer issue of All Hollow Magazine, a Romanian fashion magazine which starting now will be distributed internationally in: UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, China, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan.

Featuring two of the best Romanian actresses, Luminita Gheorghiu (Child’s Pose, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu) and Monica Barladeanu (Francesca) The Matriarch is a very well crafted short video with an original subject. Take 8 min of your time and enjoy this visual experience.

The Warden Collective
// Griffon & Swans (creative,
// deFilm (production,
// Digital Cube (post-production,

directed by: Barna Nemethi
story & concept: Ovidiu Buta, Alexandru Abagiu, Barna Nemethi
produced by: Radu Stancu
DOP: George Dascalescu
styling: Ovidiu Buta
make-up: Alexandru Abagiu (L’Oreal Paris)
hair: Alina Miclos (Beauty District)
edited by: Cristian Nicolescu
sound design & music: Marius Leftarache

featuring: Luminita Gheorghiu, Monica Birladeanu, Aida (Mandarina Models), Tavitha (Mandarina Models), Gilbert

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